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Advantages of an AC electric motor

In recent times, Ac electric motor singapore has been identified as the best and a superior alternative to DC motor in many industrial applications. The following are the advantages.

  • Ac motors can handle the considerably high peak current. This can result in a substantial increase in torque and speed. This helps in improving the efficiency and productivity of the operator. Ac units will operate at full speed.
  • Damage due to wear and tear is reduced here. The need for a direct contact brush system is eliminated here. This makes the motor extremely durable. They have a longer life span comparatively. The need for regular maintenance is reduced greatly.
  • It requires low power to start thereby the power can be evenly distributed. This helps in maintaining a consistent level of power when the motor is operated. There are chances of getting overworked during the start if more power is used up here.

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  • There is controlled acceleration which allows steady movement. In this way, there is no sudden increase or reduction in speed which may damage the motor. Due to this, there is less pressure on the motor. This is especially useful where the controlled movement of the vehicle is essential.
  • A wide range of industrial applications use this type of motor as the increased speed of operation is very useful to them.
  • Operational cost is reduced as maintenance and downtime are greatly lesser due to the use of these AC motors.
  • These motors are more user-friendly.
  • AC motor reduces the disturbances in power line and lowers the demand for power on start.
  • Ac electric motors produce less heat due to friction and are environmentally friendly.
  • Ambient noise and vibration are very much lesser in AC motors and so there is less damage to the motor.